I’m often asked how long I’ve been taking pictures. This is actually quite a difficult question to answer, because honestly I was too young to really remember. I had a few of those plastic film cameras, before I was given my dads Olympus SLR when I was about 10, I think. I would take pictures on all family holidays, at the time I didn’t know why I was doing this. Nowadays I know exactly why I’m taking pictures, all those reasons are too many to list here, but in short, recording moments in time and creating something beautiful gives me a buzz, and my life has been dominated by doing things that give me an adrenaline buzz. On my mothers side my mum was a painter and her father was a photographer, something I didn’t actually find out until after I took up the art form, it must be in the Genes.

After studying photography at college, learning darkroom technique, and then spending most of my life riding and racing mountain bikes down mountains around the UK & Europe, I rediscovered the art form, since then it is everything I do.

These days everywhere I go, everything and everyone I see I can’t help but stop, absorb the atmosphere of the moment and wonder how it could be captured in a photograph to create something of beauty and intrigue. Every single day I ask myself how I can be better, how a situations can more effectively crafted to make a absorbing image or story.

And this in a big part is why I love to photo weddings. A wedding in short is a film, waiting to be made, and the still image is an amazing way of recording the story. Nothing else is able to capture the atmosphere in a moment in time like a photographer, with a stills camera. There’s a reason why the tradition of a photographer at a wedding has remained, it’s simply the most beautiful way to do it. A wedding is an elegant occasion so I like to treat it as such. I won’t be seen giving orders or hauling around the sort of equipment that would make Spielberg envious. If you do this you will miss the stories. The stories are unfolding in front of me, they don’t need my intrusion, the events will happen, and that’s what I do these days, capture a story from what I’m seeing.

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