London Wedding Shoot
London Pre Wedding Shoot
Let's head for the city I said to Mike & Ines, we'll get something cool and a bit different. There are lots of unusual space around the Waterloo area of the city. We only had a very short amount of time anyway, and we were very unlucky with the weather, so the most important thing for me to do was capture the heartwarming dynamic it's clear that Mike & Ines have. They are such a great couple to be around, so much fun and honest. We headed out into the rain and moved around real quick, this actually worked well for Mike & Ines because they have so much energy.    
Surrey Wedding Photography
Surrey Pre Wedding Shoot
We headed into the Surrey wilderness on a beautiful evening with the most chilled couple I have ever met. Justin and Alice made it clear to me from the when we first met that stuffy stereo typical wedding photography was not their thing. The thought of standing, and fake smiling on demand made makes them cringe, great I said, I couldn't agree more, we'll do a Pre Wedding Shoot and I will show you it doesn't need to be that way. So late in the evening we went for a walk in some perfect evening light, in the wild, within 15 minutes of London!  
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Portsmouth Pre-Wedding Shoot – Charlotte & Dave
I wanted to shoot down on the South coast, so it was the perfect excuse to pop down when we decided where to shoot with Charlotte & David. We went for a walk about around Old Portsmouth, the colours and textures around there & South Sea made for some great inspiration for photos. I love to travel around, explore new areas and look down every alley way and side street. So Charlotte & Dave were happy to humour me,  stroll around and explore, I do this on my holidays all the time and I'll be the first to admit it's probably pretty annoying! While we were exploring I documented their relationship in the weeks prior to their wedding i ...
Surrey Wedding Photographer
Surrey Pre Wedding Walkabout – Sarah & Rob
Not far from where I live there is some glorious countryside. I have ridden through these forests for years on mountain bikes. Usually just focusing on the trail to think about the photographic potential. This Autumn everything looked so glorious it was time to give my backyard the attention it deserves. For Sarah & Rob this place was home for them. They are both the type who seek out this environment, often with Marty the French Pug, who unfortunately could not join because of the cold. It's only weeks before Sarah & Rob are wed. They are clearly soulmates & made for each other....
MWF Campaign Shoot
For the campaign shoot for the wonderful people at My Wedding Fair we took a slightly abstract concept into the glorious Hampshire countryside.  The campaign is for BASH. The concept of Kimberly at MWF. The incredible dress is by Ruth Milliam Bridal Couture and the make up by Kay Matthews.        
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London Pre Wedding Shoot : Rich & Steph
Rich & Steph are due to be married later this year in Surrey. Both Steph and Rich are in love with our amazing capitol city. Steph had originally had her heart set on having their wedding on the South Bank but due to a few logistical reasons this just wasn't possible. So as an alternative both Steph & Rich knew right from the start that their Pre Wedding Shoot was going to be in the city, Steph even told me this when we met for the first time last year before I was even their photographer! As well a love for the city, both Rich & Steph have a great appreciation for things creative, photography being one, so for me the chance to be ...