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HI I'M MATT. I believe in capturing the heart and soul of your wedding. That doesn't mean just usual things you expect to see, it's about the things in between. The glue that holds the pieces of the story story together. Your pictures should make your heart burst with joy, as you breath a little bit deeper and remember those once in a life time moments.

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this is really all about YOU.

But, You’ll probley want to know a little about me first.

I shot my first wedding 18 years ago, I have been a professional photographer for about 7 years, which has been amazing. The places, new friends, the love and happiness, It’s been amazing to be surrounded by all this, oh and the cake!

I’m not the traditional wedding photographer who shows up with a camera and shoots pictures of you faking smiles. I wanna be more than that for you! I want you to feel your pictures, not just look at them, they should be more than just pictures to you.

I’m a Berkshire wedding photographer, I travel to all wedding venues in Berkshire. I shoot weddings in and around – Reading, Newbury, Windsor, Bracknell Forest, Hungerford.
I would love for you to take a look at more of my work, and if it speaks to you there are some more examples HERE.

where is your wedding in Berkshire?

I have shot weddings at some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Berkshire. But I really love the other parts, the less well known areas, the forests, parks, rolling hills and quaint villages. I have explored Bracknell Forest in the pouring rain, shooting couples who are just happy in the moment, spending time with each other & ready to spend the rest of their lives together.






Colour photography of wedding flowers

ok, so where do you start?

So for whatever reason reason yo have decided your wedding day is going to be in Berkshire, maybe your local parish is there, or whatever. The next thing to do is have a think about where you will hold your day, and what sort of place will it be? Will it be for example in the city or will it be rural. Get on Pinterest and Instagram, do some window shopping and get inspiration, there is LOADS out there.

In Berkshire the good & bad news is that you have loads of choice. Firstly if you prefer a city/town loacation you have a good range of places to choose from. Windsor is an obvious one, I have shot quite a few weddings in the city centre, it’s iconic, it’s actually pretty practical from a few perspectives, and there’s tonnes of choice for more unique pictures. You won’t regret making Windsor your choice. Reading, a bustling city with alot going on, a bit more edgy perhaps, if your brave there are some cool ‘urban-scapes’ to use for photos. You could definately come away with some different wedding photos. Further West is Newbury, a beautiful market town with the convenience of some cool bars & pubs. A friend of mine actually held his festival themed wedding in the garden/field of a pub in Newbury.

where else in Berkshire is there?

As well as iconic locations like Windsor, there are lots of other options. The Thames runs through the county and there are venues along the river. Tucked away in places you would not think, there are country manors and estates. I have shot a wedding in a forest in Berkshire, in the grounds of a country manor, where a music festival used to be located!


The stage is still there and everything! We danced until 3am under the stars, to rave music pumped through the silent disco headphones!

The North Wessex Downs cuts through the far west of Berkshire. The best thing to do here is go for a drive in the hills and lowlands and see what you can find, you’ll be surprised how many locations will hold a wedding if you just pop in and ask, why not give it a try!

If you are looking for your Berkshire wedding photographer, I really want to hear from you. You can also check out some of my recent work here.

Colour photograph of Wokefield Estate in Berkshirewedding photograph of couple at Ufton Courtcolour photograph of Ufton Court wedding venue in Berkshirephotograph of the barn at Stanlake Park wedding venueColour photo of the Sir Christopher Wren in Windsor Berkshirecolour photo of Queens Eyot wedding venue in Berkshirephotograph of wedding at the Guildhall Windsorwedding photo of couple at Coworth Parkphotography of Coworth Park in Berkshirecolour photograph taken of the Castle Hotel in Windsor