Creative wedding photographer.


I really do mean it when I say that it’s important that we create more of a connection than just a customer and client relationship.
Because it’s so important for your pictures, and because as I keep saying I want our results to be meaninful to you. Your pictures will be everything that you are, but with a little piece of my vision in there somewhere. Nearly everyone of my couples turn up saying ‘we are soooo awkward’ and ‘hate having our pictures taken’. Don’t worry about it, the beauty about everything not needed to be inch perfect is that you can just relax and be who you are. Trust me this doesn’t have to suck.
Of course though you might be gagging to get infront of that camera and go nuts, either way it’s good!!

I’m not going to
make sure your hair
is out your face,
I’m not going to
stop and rearrnge
your dress because
one piece is an
inch out of place.
I want to create
something authentic
for you.

I want to make this experience not exactly what you were expecting.

 And do things a bit differently for you. I am going to work with you so that you aren’t dreading this thing. It’s not going to be some awkward session of cringe pre-formatted poses where your arms are placed like manikins and your made to smile like Chandler from Friends, in that episode. Of course I will guide you along the way, but only to help you be even more you, and the most relaxed version of you, you can be.

When it means something to you it means everything to me.

I want to be more for you than just a chap with a camera, who turns up for a few hours to do ‘wedding snaps’. If that’s what you are wanting then we are probley not the best fit for each other. That’s all good because there’s someone out there for everyone, take your time finding a wedding photographer. I love to connect with my couples and I get very invested in their story. I started doing this thing because I wanted my work to mean something to me. I don’t want you to feel like we should just ‘get the pictures done’, instead we should create this thing together.

Getting creative with your
wedding photography.

This is probley the first time you have done this, so how can you be expected to know the the pit falls and things to look out for when finding a creative wedding photographer?
I have photographed hundreds of people and shot hudreds of weddings, so I know a thing or two about it. I am more than happy to share anything I have learnt along the way, to help you get exactly what you want as stress free as possible. If you are still looking for your perfect London wedding venue, florist or makeup artist, I know some pretty awesome people and unique places.

If I can save you months of trying different search terms on Google I’m more than happy, so you can spend the time thinking about all the lovely creative stuff, and trying cake!!