What to expect from all this.

So that time has come and your busy finding a wedding photographer. This is probley the first time you have ever been in the market for a photographer. I want to make sure you know exactly how it all works (it's pretty simple really). And I want you to come out of the whole experience with a warm feeling inside, and even wondering where all this could take you.

I’m not going to
make sure your hair
is out your face,
I’m not going to
stop and rearrnge
your dress because
one piece is an
inch out of place.

I want to make this experience not
exactly what you were expecting.

 And do things a bit differently for you. I am going to work with you to make this not everything you may be dreading about the whole wedding photography things. It’s not going to be some awkward session of cringe pre-formatted poses where your arms are placed like manikins and your made to smile like Chandler from Friends in that episode. Of course I will guide you along the way, but only to help you be even more you and the most relaxed version of you, you can be.

When it means something to you it
means everything to me.

I want to be more than than just a chap who operates a camera, and shows up on your day from 9-5 to take the shot of you saying I do. If that’s what you are wanting then we are probley not the best fit for each other. That’s all good because there’s someone out there for everyone, take your time finding a wedding photographer. I love to connect with my couples and I get very invested in their story. I started doing this thing because I wanted my work to mean something to me. I don’t want you to feel like we should just ‘get the pictures done’, instead we should create this thing together.


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