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HI I'M MATT. I believe in capturing the heart and soul of your wedding. That doesn't mean just usual things you expect to see, it's about the things in between. The glue that holds the pieces of the story story together. Your pictures should make your heart burst with joy, as you breath a little bit deeper and remember those once in a life time moments.

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this really is about YOU

But, You’ll probley want to know a little about me first.

I shot my first wedding 18 years ago, I have been a professional photographer for about 7 years, which has been amazing. The places, new friends, the love and happiness, It’s been amazing to be surrounded by all this, oh and the cake!

I’m not the traditional wedding photographer who shows up with a camera and shoots pictures of you faking smiles. I wanna be more than that for you! I want you to feel your pictures, not just look at them, they should be more than just pictures to you.

I’m a Wedding Photographer in Surrey, I travel to all wedding venues in Surrey. I shoot weddings in and around – Guildford, Dorking, Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere, Reigate.
I would love for you to take a look at more of my work, and if it speaks to you there are some more examples HERE.


there is a story waiting at any wedding, i know it’s there, all the atmosphere and joy. true stories are the best because they are real

Over the last few years I have photographed couples stories all across Surrey. I grew up here, mostly riding bikes around the majestic forests we have here on our door step, just a stones throw from London, I was inspired to settle as a wedding photographer in Surrey because I have so much beauty around me. Now I’m all grown up, I pretty much still do the same thing! Enjoy the forests on bike, foot and with a camera. I have spent countless days in woods, listening to the voice of the forest, the sounds of the trees in the wind, the song of plentyful wildlife still hidden in the shadows.

We have lot’s of choice of wedding venues here in Surrey. You can choose between grand country estates, period houses, rustic barns, town or village destinations, country pubs. You can even get creative with a woodlands location, new rules around weddings in England and Wales mean that you are no longer restricted to having your ceremony in a licenced room! Get creative, go crazy, get married on hill or in the forest.



It sounds a bit obvious saying it, but when choosing your Surrey wedding venue and your wedding photographer in Surrey, both these things go hand in hand in creating the look you envision and how you would like to remember the day. What I mean is that it’s a great idea to get creative and inject elements that lend charector to the day. I always capture these features on camera which will help me re-tell your story. You don’t to spend vast amounts to create something unique and interesting, just be open minded and get creative.

Taking my example of choosing a village pub to host your reception. Who doesn’t like a good pub, and some of the best food I’ve eaten in recent years has been at good village pubs. So it doesn’t have to be all about budget, but about deciding what you would like to create and then finding ways to do so. If you want authentic English theme, then yes there are country manors, but as per my example, what could be more English than a village pub overlooking a cricket pitch while the local teams play a match? I have shot weddings like this and the vibe was perfection, and the cricket match was free entertainment for the guests.

So you have decided that a city location is the type of look you would like? I often am asked if it’s possible to get good photos when there aren’t ‘gardens’ near by. Well if you know me you know I will cringe at that preconception! Citys are a great place to get amazing pictures from your day, and you will have something unique to remember it by. Citys and towns have great light hidden away, perfect elements for creating interesting photos, and from a more practical point of view there are pavements so you don’t have to get your wedding shoes muddy. Cobbled streets and historic arch ways & passages are hard to beat for a romantic look to your pictures.

So Surrey is where you will hold your wedding, if you haven’t quite decided on your venue yet take a look at some of my work and it might give you some idea of the type of wedding you would like. If you are looking for your wedding photographer in Surrey, please do get in touch for a chat, I can’t wait to hear from you.